[Gluster-users] Unavailability during self-heal for large volumes

Laurent Chouinard laurent.chouinard at ubisoft.com
Mon Jun 2 19:26:40 UTC 2014

> Laurent,
>    This has been improved significantly in afr-v2 (enhanced version of replication
> translator in gluster) which will be released with 3.6 I believe. The issue happens 
> because of the directory self-heal in the older versions. In the new version per file
> healing in a directory is performed instead of Full directory heal at-once which was
> creating a lot of traffic. Unfortunately This is too big a change to backport to older 
> releases :-(.
> Pranith

Hi Pranith,

Thank you for this information. 

Do you think there is a way to limit/throttle the current directory self-heal then? I don't mind if it takes a long time.

Alternatively, is there a way to completely disable the complete healing system? I would consider running a manual healing operation by STAT'ing every file, which would allow me to throttle the speed to a more manageable level.


Laurent Chouinard

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