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Joe Julian joe at julianfamily.org
Mon Jul 28 05:20:41 UTC 2014

On 07/27/2014 07:47 PM, yan wrote:
> hi,*david.zhang700*‍
> now configure
> gluster volume set gfs network.ping-timeout 1
Bad idea. Now even a one second delay will cause a disconnect. Under 
load, it's entirely possible to have a 1 second delay reconnecting due 
to open fds, locks, etc. That delay will cause the client to drop the 
connection. Then it will reconnect, have the same delay, and drop the 

Why is 42 seconds too long? Is your network so bad that you lose 
connection so often that a more stable cluster is a bad thing?

>> client  reconnect ‍shorten the time‍
> but ,have a question
> client down,start client ,data Not immediately synchronization‍
> how configure immediately synchronization?‍

That just seems impractical with regard to cpu and network usage. I 
would much rather have my servers servicing client requests than 
spending all their time spinning to see if an absent server has returned.

It seems that it checks every 3 seconds now to see if it's returned. 
That goes back to my previous statement. If your network is so unstable 
that 3 seconds to start self-heal is excessive, perhaps you might look 
at a more stable network.

That said, feel free to open an enhancement request on bugzilla to allow 
the user to tune the reconnect interval.

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> gluster volume set volume_name network.ping-timeout seconds_you_want
> default is 42s
> David
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> hi ,
> i am have a question? ‍
> server:
> client:
> server configure:
> gluster mode replica
>> eg.
> gluster volume create gfs replica 4 transport tcp 
> force
> client :
> mount -t glusterfs /mnt/gfs‍
> Now ,i am have a question
> if one of four server down; eg down.
> client is disconnect ,I am need wait 90seconds, client is autoconnect, 
> clinet is ok
> How to configure the serverto shorten the time.‍
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