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yan yanlk at foxmail.com
Mon Jul 28 02:47:55 UTC 2014

hi,david.zhang700 ‍
now  configure
gluster volume set gfs network.ping-timeout 1‍
client  reconnect  ‍shorten the time‍
but ,have a question
client down,start client ,data Not immediately synchronization‍
how configure immediately synchronization?‍

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   gluster  volume set volume_name network.ping-timeout seconds_you_want
 default  is 42s
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  hi , 
 i am have a question? ‍
 server configure:
 gluster mode replica
 gluster volume create gfs replica 4 transport tcp  force
 client :
 mount -t glusterfs /mnt/gfs‍
 Now ,i am have a question
 if one of four server down; eg down.
 client is disconnect ,I am need wait 90seconds, client is autoconnect, clinet is ok

 How to configure the  server to shorten the time.‍


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