[Gluster-users] What does this T bit mean?

Joe Julian joe at julianfamily.org
Wed Feb 12 16:54:55 UTC 2014

The other half of the answer is that these are dht link pointers. Check the extended attributes to see where it's pointing.

On February 12, 2014 8:43:55 AM PST, Danny Sauer <danny at dannysauer.com> wrote:
>That's the sticky bit set on a file which does not have world execute.
>The ls command capitalizes the sticky or setid bit when the execute bit
>underneath is not set, and shows it in lowercase when the execute bit
>is set. That way all 12 bits can still be shown in only 9 characters.
>You can remember which case is which by remembering that the capital
>letter shows up when it's probably an error (execute should generally
>be set). :)
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>Subject [Gluster-users] What does this T bit mean? 
>In my 4 node gluster.  I was hunting down a split-brain report.  2 of
>my 4 bricks shows this as a bit attribute
>---------T 2 48791 50011        0 Feb 12 07:41 TFE Metrics.xlsx
>while the other 2 show the file as
>-rwxr-x--x 2 48791 50011   22016 Feb  1  2013 TFE Prod Tickets.xls
>and the client shows correctly:
>-rwxr-x--x 1 dcon386 websvrgrp    22016 Feb  1  2013 TFE Prod
>I am not able to find any hits regarding that T bit.
>Thank you,
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