[Gluster-users] What does this T bit mean?

Danny Sauer danny at dannysauer.com
Wed Feb 12 16:43:55 UTC 2014

That's the sticky bit set on a file which does not have world execute. The ls command capitalizes the sticky or setid bit when the execute bit underneath is not set, and shows it in lowercase when the execute bit is set. That way all 12 bits can still be shown in only 9 characters. You can remember which case is which by remembering that the capital letter shows up when it's probably an error (execute should generally be set). :)


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Subject [Gluster-users] What does this T bit mean? 
In my 4 node gluster.  I was hunting down a split-brain report.  2 of my 4 bricks shows this as a bit attribute

---------T 2 48791 50011        0 Feb 12 07:41 TFE Metrics.xlsx

while the other 2 show the file as

-rwxr-x--x 2 48791 50011   22016 Feb  1  2013 TFE Prod Tickets.xls

and the client shows correctly:

-rwxr-x--x 1 dcon386 websvrgrp    22016 Feb  1  2013 TFE Prod Tickets.xls

I am not able to find any hits regarding that T bit.

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