[Gluster-users] Dovecot and glusterfs

André Bauer abauer at magix.net
Tue Dec 23 09:55:13 UTC 2014

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do you have both dovecot servers active?
Im not completly sure if this will work.
Imho you should try an active / passive setup...


Am 21.12.2014 um 08:34 schrieb Michael Schwartzkopff:
> Hi,
> I wanted t test gluster a little bit for the usage in Dovecot 
> Postbox Serves.
> I set up two servers with a replicated gluster and mounted the 
> bricks via gluster client. On these two nodes I installed dovecot. 
> So I created a high available test szenario.
> I configured dovecdot to usr maildir format and mainly copied the 
> dovecot options for NFS setup:
> mail_fsync = always mail_nfs_storage = yes mail_nfs_index = yes 
> mmap_disable = yes
> Basically that tells dovecot to use fcntl() locks.
> With the thunderbird IMAP client I accessed te two postboxes on
> the two node. One client the first dovecot node, the other client
> the second node. Both used the same user, so did access the same 
> maildir files.
> First everything looked good, but within ten minutes of creating, 
> moving and deleting mails and folders I produced the following 
> log:
> node2 dovecot: imap(user1 at example.net): Error: Corrupted 
> transaction log file /srv/mail/user1 at example.net/dovecot.index.log 
> seq 3: file_seq=3, min_file_offset (4768) > max_file_offset (3392) 
> (sync_offset=3392)
> node2 dovecot: imap(user1 at example.net): Error: Index 
> /srv/mail/user1 at example.net/dovecot.index: Lost log for seq=3 
> offset=2948
> node2 dovecot: imap(user1 at example.net): Warning: fscking index
> file /srv/mail/user1 at example.net/dovecot.index
> The mailbox was not accessible any more and dovecot did not accept 
> any new mails for the user.
> Any ideas what went wrong? I this a legitimate use case for 
> gluster? Could I prevent this from happening if I restrict oew
> user access only o one gluster node?
> Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
> Michael Schwartzkopff
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