[Gluster-users] New architecture: some advice needed

Gandalf Corvotempesta gandalf.corvotempesta at gmail.com
Sat Dec 20 23:01:58 UTC 2014

any advice?

2014-12-18 16:51 GMT+01:00 Gandalf Corvotempesta
<gandalf.corvotempesta at gmail.com>:
> Hi to all.
> I'm planning a new architecture to be used in production (after a
> short test period)
> Actually I have 3 supermicro servers with 12 4TB SATA disks each and 2
> SSD (in each server)
> Each server also has one dual port DDR Infiniband card.
> I would like to create a scale-out storage infrastructure (primary
> used by web servers), totally HA and fault tollerant.
> I was thinking about 1 brick for each SATA disks in Distributed
> Dispersed mode. Replica set to 3 (so, actually, only 12*4TB=48TB would
> be available)
> What do you suggest? Is Distributed Dispersed good for my environment
> or should I go with Distributed Replicated ?
> In replicated mode, I can always access to raw files , in case of
> disaster, this would not be possible with dispersed mode, right?
> Which are pro and cons between replicated and dispersed modes?
> We plan to add up to 10 servers (all with 12*4 SATA disks) in the near
> future ending to 336TB of available and replicated space.
> Any suggestions?

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