[Gluster-users] glusterfs performance tuning

Bernhard Glomm bernhard.glomm at ecologic.eu
Thu Dec 18 11:39:31 UTC 2014

hi all,

I'm looking for some performance tuning suggestions for glusterfs.

The set is:
- 2 server with several bricks each (ubuntu 14.04),
- each brick is part of a 2way-mirror between them both 
- both server are connected with 2 * 1GB NIC
- the servers also mount the gluster volumes (fuse) 
- each gluster volume hosts mainly a single large file (10-20GB) (VM-Image),
  sometimes two or three of them

My qustions:
- Which bond mode would you recommend for this set up? 
- what are performance parameters/values for "few large files per gluster volume"
- are there some performance parameters regarding the use as vm.image storage
   (the vms do some caching by themself?)


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