[Gluster-users] glusterfs and glusterfsd process utilization extremely high

Kyle Harris kyle.harris98 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 23:17:35 UTC 2014

This is an extenuation of a problem that I posted about last month that I
am still experiencing.  The original post with more detail can be found at
To sum up my problem, I have a freshly created 3 node replicated cluster.
It contains roughly 135 GB of files, many of which are small.  It is home
to several web sites hosted with Apache.  I am using Gluster version
3.6.1-1 installed from RPMs mounted from the server via the Fuse client (I
have tried NFS but it makes no difference).

When I posted last about the problem of extreme processor utilization, the
solution I was given by Parnith was to utilize another file system other
than EXT4 and to turn off cluster.entry-self-heal.  I am now using XFS
and cluster.entry-self-heal is turned off and I even turned off
cluster.self-heal-daemon but it made absolutely no difference.  All is fine
during the entire time the cluster is loaded via rsync however the minute I
point Apache traffic at the sites hosted on the cluster, glusterfs and
glusterfsd begin to climb to levels so high that in a matter of minutes it
is not even possible to log on to the system.  No modification have been
made to any of the other Gluster settings.

Any additional help resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.


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