[Gluster-users] Geo-Replication Issue

David Gibbons david.c.gibbons at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 14:26:13 UTC 2014

Thanks for the feedback, answers inline below:

>    Have you followed all the upgrade steps w.r.t geo-rep
>    mentioned in the following link?

I didn't upgrade geo-rep, I disconnected the old replicated server and
started from scratch. So everything with regard to geo-rep is

> 2. Does the output of command 'gluster vol info <vol-name> --xml' proper ?
>    Please paste the output.

I do not have gluster compiled with xml. Perhaps that is the problem. Here
is the output of the command you referenced:

> XML output not supported. Ignoring '--xml' option

This is my config summary:

GlusterFS configure summary
> ===========================
> FUSE client          : yes
> Infiniband verbs     : no
> epoll IO multiplex   : yes
> argp-standalone      : no
> fusermount           : yes
> readline             : no
> georeplication       : yes
> Linux-AIO            : no
> Enable Debug         : no
> systemtap            : no
> Block Device xlator  : no
> glupy                : no
> Use syslog           : yes
> XML output           : no
> QEMU Block formats   : no
> Encryption xlator    : no

Am I missing something that is require for geo-replication? I've found the
documentation for those of us who are building the binaries to be a bit
lacking with regard to dependencies within the project.

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