[Gluster-users] Stripe Volume- File Location Decision

Christian Völker chrischan at knebb.de
Mon Dec 8 17:18:08 UTC 2014

Hi all,

as it looks like as distributed volume on a cluster with a slow line
slows down all writes I have to look for a different approach.

Let's say we create a striped volume within a cluster of two hosts. The
hosts are located on two different sites (connected with a slow 10Mbit

I am aware in case one node fails the files stored on this host are not
accessible as long as the host is down.

What I am insterested in is how a file is placed in case of a write. I
will have clients on two IP subnets accessing the two hosts (which are
each in the same subnet).

A client in subnet A is connected to host A and creates a file- is this
placed on host A or might it happen it is stored on host B 8which means
is goes through the 10Mb line)?

Thanks for ideas.


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