[Gluster-users] GlusterFS Cluster over Slow Lines?

Svenn Dhert svenn.dhert at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 07:20:07 UTC 2014


I have a similar issue, over a slow line glusterfs seemed to divide the
speed by two for writes. So perhaps you might look into geo-replication ? I
haven't found a solution yet.

*following this topic*


2014-12-07 18:25 GMT+01:00 Christian Völker <chrischan at knebb.de>:

> Hi all,
> I have not found an answer to my questions regarding GlusterFS so I
> decided to ask here.
> We have two sites which are connected through a slow 10Mbit line. But I
> want users accessing shared files on both sites with optimized performance.
> My first thought was to use drbd for this but then I would need a
> clustered file system(which would additionally put load on the
> connection) and I would have slow write access on both sites.
> So I am currently testing GlusterFS- am I right about the following?
> -Reads will always be send from the local disk
> -Writes go through local disk first and are replicated then. When does
> the client get confirmation of succesful write? Once the data is fully
> replicated or earlier? In first case it would slow down writes as the
> nodes are connected only through a small 10Mbit line, correct?
> -How does glusterFS handle a dual-head situation? In case the connection
> between the two nodes goes down? what happens when connection is back then?
> -I want to have access to my data on both sites (nodes), so for me a
> replicated volume would be fine?
> -thhe term "distributed" means the data is just spread across the local
> bricks, right? So having a single brick protected by hardware raid, is
> fine, too?
> I am not sure about how many bricks are recommended to use for what
> scenario.
> Well, loads of questiosn, thanks for your patience....
> Greetings
> Christian
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