[Gluster-users] GlusterFS Cluster over Slow Lines?

Christian Völker chrischan at knebb.de
Sun Dec 7 17:25:27 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I have not found an answer to my questions regarding GlusterFS so I
decided to ask here.

We have two sites which are connected through a slow 10Mbit line. But I
want users accessing shared files on both sites with optimized performance.

My first thought was to use drbd for this but then I would need a
clustered file system(which would additionally put load on the
connection) and I would have slow write access on both sites.

So I am currently testing GlusterFS- am I right about the following?

-Reads will always be send from the local disk
-Writes go through local disk first and are replicated then. When does
the client get confirmation of succesful write? Once the data is fully
replicated or earlier? In first case it would slow down writes as the
nodes are connected only through a small 10Mbit line, correct?
-How does glusterFS handle a dual-head situation? In case the connection
between the two nodes goes down? what happens when connection is back then?
-I want to have access to my data on both sites (nodes), so for me a
replicated volume would be fine?
-thhe term "distributed" means the data is just spread across the local
bricks, right? So having a single brick protected by hardware raid, is
fine, too?

I am not sure about how many bricks are recommended to use for what

Well, loads of questiosn, thanks for your patience....



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