[Gluster-users] bug with LC_NUMERIC variable different from en_US.UTF8

Nathanaël Blanchet blanchet at abes.fr
Fri Dec 5 13:21:28 UTC 2014


it seems that following this topic : 
a serious bug related to a non en_US.utf8 language has been found with 
gluster 3.6.1
I've upgraded from 3.5 to the latest 3.6.1 in a production environnment, 
and all my mountage points were broke down. My regional environnment is 
fr_FR.utf8 and after exporting the LC_NUMERIC in my .bashrc, I managed 
to mount my glusterfs bricks as a workaround
Naturally, I can't mount anymore any volume on boot in a regular fstab file.
Can anyboby maintening the gluster 3.6 branch confirm that this bug will 
be patched as soon as possible?
Thank you.

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