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Song Qi songqi at maxthon.net
Tue Dec 2 11:31:21 UTC 2014

Hi  all:
        I ask about ALU-related configuration, should be configured in any place? 
ALU Scheduler Volume example
volume bricks
  type cluster/unify
  subvolumes brick1 brick2 brick3 brick4 brick5
  option alu.read-only-subvolumes brick5 # This option makes brick5 to be readonly, where no new files are created.
  option scheduler alu   # use the ALU scheduler
  option alu.limits.min-free-disk  5%      # Don't create files one a volume with less than 5% free diskspace
  option alu.limits.max-open-files 10000   # Don't create files on a volume with more than 10000 files open
  # When deciding where to place a file, first look at the disk-usage, then at  
  # read-usage, write-usage, open files, and finally the disk-speed-usage.
  option alu.order disk-usage:read-usage:write-usage:open-files-usage:disk-speed-usage
  option alu.disk-usage.entry-threshold 2GB   # Kick in if the discrepancy in disk-usage between volumes is more than 2GB
  option alu.disk-usage.exit-threshold  60MB   # Don't stop writing to the least-used volume until the discrepancy is 1988MB 
  option alu.open-files-usage.entry-threshold 1024   # Kick in if the discrepancy in open files is 1024
  option alu.open-files-usage.exit-threshold 32   # Don't stop until 992 files have been written the least-used volume
# option alu.read-usage.entry-threshold 20%   # Kick in when the read-usage discrepancy is 20%
# option alu.read-usage.exit-threshold 4%   # Don't stop until the discrepancy has been reduced to 16% (20% - 4%)
# option alu.write-usage.entry-threshold 20%   # Kick in when the write-usage discrepancy is 20%
# option alu.write-usage.exit-threshold 4%   # Don't stop until the discrepancy has been reduced to 16%
# option alu.disk-speed-usage.entry-threshold # NEVER SET IT. SPEED IS CONSTANT!!!
# option alu.disk-speed-usage.exit-threshold  # NEVER SET IT. SPEED IS CONSTANT!!!
  option alu.stat-refresh.interval 10sec   # Refresh the statistics used for decision-making every 10 seconds
# option alu.stat-refresh.num-file-create 10   # Refresh the statistics used for decision-making after creating 10 files
end-volumeIf I configure the contents of the above, I will not start glusterd[2014-12-02 06:41:12.726886] I [glusterfsd.c:1959:main] 0-/usr/sbin/glusterd: Started running /usr/sbin/glusterd version 3.5.3beta2 (/usr/sbin/glusterd --pid-file=/var/run/glusterd.pid)

[2014-12-02 06:41:12.742594] W [xlator.c:188:xlator_dynload] 0-xlator: /usr/lib64/glusterfs/3.5.3beta2/xlator/cluster/unify.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

[2014-12-02 06:41:12.742769] E [graph.y:212:volume_type] 0-parser: Volume 'bricks', line 68: type 'cluster/unify' is not valid or not found on this machine

[2014-12-02 06:41:12.742827] E [graph.y:321:volume_end] 0-parser: "type" not specified for volume bricks

[2014-12-02 06:41:12.743852] E [glusterfsd.c:1823:glusterfs_process_volfp] 0-: failed to construct the graph

[2014-12-02 06:41:12.744387] W [glusterfsd.c:1095:cleanup_and_exit] (-->/usr/sbin/glusterd(main+0x54e) [0x4075ce] (-->/usr/sbin/glusterd(glusterfs_volumes_init+0xc0) [0x405240] (-->/usr/sbin/glusterd(glusterfs_process_volfp+0x106) [0x405146]))) 0-: received signum (0), shutting down
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