[Gluster-users] service glusterd start : failed

Pierre Leonard pierre.leonard at jouy.inra.fr
Tue Dec 2 08:20:22 UTC 2014

  Hi Kaushal,

> Hi Pierre,
> Can you provide start glusterd in debug mode and provide the logs?
> Please use a paste site like http://fpaste.org to share the logs.
> You can start glusterd in debug mode by using the '-LDEBUG' flag,
> ie.,
> # glusterd -LDEBUG
> The logs you've provided say that glusterd failed to initialize but
> don't provide any further information as to why. Debug logs will help
> in this case.
> ~kaushal
> I have done and the debug kiste is on http://fpaste.org/ number
> /155740/17507711/
> and pasword il pierreleonard
> Many thank's for your help.
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