[Gluster-users] Backup (or export/import) config of volume?

Atin Mukherjee amukherj at redhat.com
Tue Dec 2 04:39:01 UTC 2014


If you can take a back up of entire /var/lib/glusterd folder and then
reapply the content in the same location then you get back to the same
state of the cluster where you left off.


On 12/01/2014 08:47 PM, Peter B. wrote:
> Hello again,
> This is completely unrelated to my previous post.
> We're planning to re-setup parts of our gluster-cluster, but re-use the
> existing gluster volume data as-is.
> In the "Basic Gluster Troubleshooting" documentation article [1] it says
> that [quote]"you can still get things back in no time if you know EXACTLY
> how the volumes were laid out before. You DID document that,
> right?"[/quote]
> Unfortunately, it is not described *how* that should be documented
> properly, and I couldn't find docs on import/export of gluster config
> (except for the web-GUI).
> I'd looove to export my configuration properly before I wipe my setup.
> How would I do that?
> Thank you very much in advance,
> Peter B.
> == References:
> [1]
> http://www.gluster.org/community/documentation/index.php/Basic_Gluster_Troubleshooting
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