[Gluster-users] How to see gluster in a picture

Justin Clift justin at gluster.org
Sun Aug 3 20:45:25 UTC 2014

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> Hi guys, yesterday I was trying to get a mental picture of my gluster volumes
> and I came to realize it was getting complicated, or I was too lazy who
> knows. I googled a bit and couldn't find any good way to achieve it so I
> started coding. After a few coffees I did this
> http://viviendolared.blogspot.com.ar/2014/08/gluster-graficando-mi-gluster-i.html
> (sorry, spanish is my mother tongue), basically it's a Java program that
> builds a dot file from your gluster configuration so you can plot it and get
> a pretty good-enough image of your cluster. So far I've only tested it with
> Distribute and Distributed-Replicated volumes, if anyone wants to share its
> "gluster vol info" output I can plot the output for you and debug the
> program a bit more. I plan to release the code soon, but as I am not a
> developer perse I've got no idea how or where to do that. Hope you like it,
> and please give me all the feedback you want.

This is pretty cool. :)

Ideally, we'd like you to chuck the source code up on the Gluster Forge:


Git can be a bit of a nightmare to get your head around though, so it _may_
be easier for you to use GitHub instead:


GitHub has a larger Community, and better user interface.  Still not completely
trivial to use though.

Either way works.  Try stuff out, and see how you go. :)

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

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