[Gluster-users] Using gluster with ipv6

Mickaël Villers mickael.villers at kreat-in.com
Mon Sep 30 14:24:57 UTC 2013


I'm starting to use gluster version debian/unstable 3.4.0-4
but I need use ipv6 in my network, but just can't setup glusterfs for.

I tried configuring IPv6 or DNS (only resolving at IPv6), got errors in both case.

Here last test I did + error:

/usr/sbin/glusterfsd -s ipv6.google.com --volfile-id testvol5.XXX....

[2013-09-30 14:09:24.424624] E [common-utils.c:211:gf_resolve_ip6] 0-resolver: getaddrinfo failed (System error)
[2013-09-30 14:09:24.424683] E [name.c:249:af_inet_client_get_remote_sockaddr] 0-glusterfs: DNS resolution failed on host ipv6.google.com

On same computer:
#host ipv6.google.com
 ipv6.google.com is an alias for ipv6.l.google.com.
 ipv6.l.google.com has IPv6 address 2404:6800:4008:c01::63

jclift on irc told me that some works were in progress about ipv6, and to ask on mailing list.

Any patch to apply? 
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