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John Mark Walker johnmark at johnmark.org
Fri Sep 27 11:34:28 UTC 2013

This is for Havana, which has the libgfapi-nova integration. In which case,
it shouldn't need to mount volumes but you're correct that it doesn't do
iscsi, either.

I haven't tried this personally, so I'll ping someone who has and see what
they say.

On Sep 27, 2013 1:50 AM, "Maciej Gałkiewicz" <macias at shellycloud.com> wrote:

> On 27 September 2013 02:12, Derek Yarnell <derek at umiacs.umd.edu> wrote:
> > So I can get Cinder and Gluster integrated enough to be able to create
> > volumes, delete volumes etc.  My understanding is that from the
> > cinder-volume node it will take that volume and export it to the
> > instance via iSCSI using the tgtd daemons.  The thing is that when I
> > attach the volume I get a local libvirt error below[1].  It seems that
> > libvirt is trying to attach a locally mounted volume file.  This is not
> > what I expected and I was wondering if anyone has done this integration
> > that might share some insights.
> iSCSI is not used at all. All compute nodes mount glusterfs volume
> where all cinder volumes are stored and export them to VMs as regular
> files. This article should clear things up a little bit:
> https://shellycloud.com/blog/2013/09/why-glusterfs-should-not-be-implemented-with-openstack
> Notice that you are using Havana and the blog post is describing
> situation in Grizzly with some insights in Havana.
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