[Gluster-users] Explaination needed - Distributed Replicated volume

Jake G. dj_dark_junglist at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 25 05:22:05 UTC 2013

HI all,

I have created a Distributed Replicated volume across 2 glusterfs servers.

Type: Distributed-Replicate
Status: Started
Number of Bricks: 2 x 2 = 4
Transport-type: tcp
Brick1: glusterfs-01:/mnt/glusterfs-data/brick1
Brick2: glusterfs-02:/mnt/glusterfs-data/brick1
Brick3: glusterfs-01:/mnt/glusterfs-data/brick2
Brick4: glusterfs-02:/mnt/glusterfs-data/brick2

If each gluster server gives 100GB to the volume. What is the total size of the volume going to be? 200GB?

Say I copy a 20GB file to the volume. what would my available size be? 180GB or 160GB?

Is there a command to view available sizes, usage, etc.. perhaps?

I am a bit confused. Thank you!
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