[Gluster-users] GlusterFS 3.4.1 planning

Vijay Bellur vbellur at redhat.com
Tue Sep 3 17:18:27 UTC 2013

On 08/29/2013 03:13 AM, Anand Avati wrote:
> For those interested in what are the possible patches, here is a short
> list of commits which are available in master but not yet backported to
> release-3.4 (note the actual list > 500, this is a short list of patches
> which fix some kind of an "issue" - crash, leak, incorrect behavior,
> failure)
> http://www.gluster.org/community/documentation/index.php/Release_341_backport_candidates
> Some of the patches towards the end fix some nasty issues. Many of them
> are covered in the bugs listed in
> http://www.gluster.org/community/documentation/index.php/Backport_Wishlist.
> If there are specific patches you would like to see backported, please
> copy/paste those lines from the Release_341_backport_candidates page
> into the Backport_Wishlist page. For the others, we will be using a best
> judgement call based on severity and patch impact.

The plan is now to release 3.4.1 next week. I am currently aiming to 
build the first qa release on Friday, 09/06. Please nominate patches for 
backport to 3.4.1 before that.


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