[Gluster-users] How to remove a dead node and re-balance volume?

Anup Nair anup at corp.india.com
Tue Sep 3 07:48:53 UTC 2013

Glusterfs version 3.2.2

I have a Gluster volume in which one our of the 4 peers/nodes had crashed
some time ago, prior to my joining service here.

I see from volume info that the crashed (non-existing) node is still listed
as one of the peers and the bricks are also listed. I would like to detach
this node and its bricks and rebalance the volume with remaining 3 peers.
But I am unable to do so. Here are my setps:

1. #gluster peer status
  Number of Peers: 3 -- (note: excluding the one I run this command from)

  Hostname: dbstore4r294 --- (note: node/peer that is down)
  Uuid: 8bf13458-1222-452c-81d3-565a563d768a
  State: Peer in Cluster (Disconnected)

  Uuid: 77ebd7e4-7960-4442-a4a4-00c5b99a61b4
  State: Peer in Cluster (Connected)

  Hostname: dbstore3r294
  Uuid: 23d7a18c-fe57-47a0-afbc-1e1a5305c0eb
  State: Peer in Cluster (Connected)

2. #gluster peer detach dbstore4r294
  Brick(s) with the peer dbstore4r294 exist in cluster

3. #gluster volume info

  Volume Name: test-volume
  Type: Distributed-Replicate
  Status: Started
  Number of Bricks: 4 x 2 = 8
  Transport-type: tcp
  Brick1: dbstore1r293:/datastore1
  Brick2: dbstore2r293:/datastore1
  Brick3: dbstore3r294:/datastore1
  Brick4: dbstore4r294:/datastore1
  Brick5: dbstore1r293:/datastore2
  Brick6: dbstore2r293:/datastore2
  Brick7: dbstore3r294:/datastore2
  Brick8: dbstore4r294:/datastore2
  Options Reconfigured:
  network.ping-timeout: 42s
  performance.cache-size: 64MB
  performance.write-behind-window-size: 3MB
  performance.io-thread-count: 8
  performance.cache-refresh-timeout: 2

Note that the non-existent node/peer is  -- dbstore4r294 (bricks are
:/datastore1 & /datastore2  - i.e.  brick4 and brick8)

4. #gluster volume remove-brick test-volume dbstore4r294:/datastore1
  Removing brick(s) can result in data loss. Do you want to Continue? (y/n)
  Remove brick incorrect brick count of 1 for replica 2

5. #gluster volume remove-brick test-volume dbstore4r294:/datastore1
  Removing brick(s) can result in data loss. Do you want to Continue? (y/n)
  Bricks not from same subvol for replica

How do I remove the peer? What are the steps considering that the node is

Anup Nair
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