[Gluster-users] FW: Backup / Restore for Gluster volumes.

Tamas Papp tompos at martos.bme.hu
Mon Sep 2 09:17:47 UTC 2013

On 09/02/2013 10:51 AM, Bobby Jacob wrote:
> I have 2 servers running gluster. Each server has 1 brick each which is  part of a replica-volume. 
> Data is getting replicated onto both the bricks.
> ·How to backup data from the bricks. ??
> ·How to backup all gluster configurations. ??
> Why I ask this is, we are using this deployment for saving user files. The application allots 1GB 
> quota for each user as his personal workspace. Ofcourse, we would want to backup the data. !!!

Mount the volume on the backup server and backup files as the would exist locally.
Cluster (gluster) configurations can be backed up by either exporting gluster volume info or backing 
up the vol files (/var/lib/glusterfs/... or something like that).

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