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Mon Oct 21 20:22:35 UTC 2013

On 21.10.2013 19:37, James LeRoy (GetSurreal.com) wrote:
> My goal is to setup highly available Samba and NFS shares.  I'm
> planning to setup gluster replication between two servers and
> re-export the glusterfs as NFS and Samba.    I will have clustering
> configured with a shared IP address between the two servers.  Clients
> will connect to the resources via the clustered IP address.  Since I'm
> new to gluster and didn't see any examples like this, I first wanted
> to make sure this configuration makes sense.


I'm using a similar setup, but without Samba for the moment, though I 
am looking forward to using the native samba module[1].
So far I have not had any major problems caused by the setup itself, 
but do bear in mind that when the failover IP switches from one machine 
to the other the existing TCP connections will be reset; this may or may 
not be a problem.
Because of this I use the "soft" and "intr" mount options on the NFS 
clients. Some may have other recommendations.

Also have a look at 

> Secondly, the physical servers will have a RAID 1 for the OS and RAID
> 5 for the Gluster data.  I was looking to offload the EXT4 journal
> from the RAID 5 filesystem to a partition on the RAID 1 disk to
> increase the RAID 5 performance.  Is there a similar configuration in
> gluster to offload any write overhead on the RAID 5 disks?

No idea here, but just a warning, XFS is the recommended and most 
tested filesystem for use with GlusterFS. There were some issues in the 
past with EXTx filesystems.


[1] - https://forge.gluster.org/samba-glusterfs

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