[Gluster-users] new to gluster, is this possible?

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Subject: [Gluster-users] new to gluster, is this possible?

> Hello all,
> I'm completely new to gluster and want to know if what I'm thinking of
> using it for is possible.
> I've got a mail server (iRedMail to be exact) on a OpenSUSE 12.3 that
> stores all mail data in /data.
> I would like to put up a clone of this server and, using gluster, create
> a master-master replication scheme of the /data directory on both so
> that I have a hot standby should server A go down.
> A) is this a legitimate use of Gluster

Yes. You could also just use a real master-master replication(you describe a master-slave with hot-standby) where both mailservers are used simultaneously.

But you should be aware that performance with small files and GlusterFS is *really* bad and listing many entries in one folder is really slow. So Gluster isn't really good for your workload and could be a showstopper, depending on your needs.

> B) If A, is there some documentation I can be pointed to to sort it
> out?

If I remember correctly, there's an article on the setup with GlusterFS in the iRedMail wiki. You should start looking at that. It should tell you how you correctly set up the GlusterFS server and clients, configure your server and iRedMail and a multi-master MX entry in your DNS. I've tested this in a small setup a while ago but I didn't have the time for a large scale test - so if you go for it I would really like to hear what performance and responsiveness of a real-world installation are like. :)

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> Best Regards,
> Jeff
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