[Gluster-users] glusterfs 3.4

Bernhard Glomm bernhard.glomm at ecologic.eu
Sat Nov 30 13:13:26 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I just stumbled over a possible bug in glusterfs-3.4.1
Since I used the package from 
for ubuntu (running 13.04 up to date)
I like to report here first / ask for confirmation.

I had glusterfs 3.3 installed and it worked fine.
I used it as the storage backend for the image files of my
kvm virtualized instances (two sided mirror/two kvm hosts
running four VM as a test environment)

I upgraded to 3.4 and all seemed okay on the first glance,
but live-migration failed with error:
"-incoming tcp: Failed to bind socket: Address already in use"

reverting back to glusterfs 3.3
and the problem was gone

anybody knows about that prob?
couldn't find anything on the net about it yet.

best regards


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