[Gluster-users] How to expand Gluster's volume after xfs filesystem resize ?

COCHE Sébastien SCOCHE at sigma.fr
Fri Nov 8 15:27:14 UTC 2013

Hi all,


I am testing gluster's feature, and how to perform exploitation task.

I created a Gluster cluster composed of 2 nodes.

I create a volume based on xfs filesystem (and LVM), and start a replicated gluster volume.


I would like to expand the volume size by :

-          Expanding LV

-          Expanding xfs filesystem

-          Expanding gluster volume


My problem is: I did not see Gluster command line to take on account the new filesystem size.

The filesystem show me the new size, when gluster volume still see the old size.

I tried the command line : 'gluster volume rebalance...' but this command only work for  stipped volume or for replicated volume with more than 1 brick.


How can I expand gluster volume ?


Thank you very much


Best regards


Sébastien Coché


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