[Gluster-users] Server-quorum spec not match

Jia-Hao Chen cjhecm at gmail.com
Tue Nov 5 02:43:16 UTC 2013


According to Server-quorum feature
when the quorum is not met for any of the volume, the volume updates on the
machine which does not meet quorum the updates are not allowed.

But I found set volume option still works on the machine which does not
meet quorum.

# gluster v status testv3
Status of volume: testv3
Gluster process Port Online Pid
Brick N/A N N/A
NFS Server on localhost 2049 Y 19441

There are no active volume tasks

# gluster v set testv3 cluster.min-free-disk 25%
volume set: success

Is it a bug? or the server-quorum spec is just amended?

Thanks in advance,
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