[Gluster-users] Gluster "Cheat Sheet"

John Mark Walker jowalker at redhat.com
Fri Nov 1 20:25:54 UTC 2013


One of the best things I've seen at conferences this year has been a bookmark distributed by the RDO folks with most common and/or useful commands for OpenStack users.

Some people at Red Hat were wondering about doing the same for Gluster, and I thought it would be a great idea. Paul Cuzner, the author of the gluster-deploy project, took a first cut, pasted below. What do you think? What are the most useful commands that you would want to see on a single sheet handout? 



invocation for XML output (3.4 and above) - maybe a python code snippet for looking at xml output?

Syntax Diagrams and 'process flows'

cluster Management
peer - probe, detach and status
pool list

volume management
Process reminders
- create sequence - build bricks > create volume > Set volume options > start volume
- growing a volume - add node > define brick > add brick to volume > rebalance

Creating a brick
- use lvm
- supported filesystems (xfs, ext4)
- use thin provisioned lv - preference (due to 3.5 snapshot delivery)

vol create
vol stop/start
quota on/off, adding and removing entries
self heal status
turning protocols off/on - CIFS (user.cifs) and NFS (nfs.disable)

reusing a brick
 - viewing the xattr
 - deleting xattr
showing a file's relationship with the bricks and translators

Disaster recovery
establish georep
check status - list of states - Initializing || Stable || Failed

Client Side Help
Windows drive map example (net use)
NFS mount example for fstab
glusterfs native mount (with backupvolfile-server syntax)

Common tuning options Table

File locations
log files
config files (vol file, hooks)

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