[Gluster-users] Extending raid

Jon Tegner tegner at renget.se
Wed May 29 09:56:51 UTC 2013


I have a storage system consisting of 4 bricks. All of them run
CentOS-6.3, with
gluster 3.3.1. Two of the servers are equipped with twelve 2-TB disks
and two with twelve 1-TB disks (slightly older). I use this as a
secondary, mirrored storage system, and now I would like to do two

1. Swap the disks in the nodes with 1-TB disks to 2 TB disks.
2. Put in infiniband on all the nodes.
3. Even though it is possible to resync all the data from the primary
system I would like to save time by keeping the data on the two servers
with 2-TB disks.

My plan is:

1. Delete the volume.

2. Update the OS (to 6.4) on all four servers.

3. Build a new volume (this time with rdma), using two bricks with data
and two without.

4. "Rsync" the missing data from the primary storage system.

5. Rebalance.

Could there be issues with this approach, e.g., when building the new
volume, will the data on the two underlying raids be visible?


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