[Gluster-users] A problem when mount glusterfs via NFS

Pippo pippo0805 at 163.com
Mon Mar 25 02:53:37 UTC 2013


I run glusterfs with four nodes, 2x2 Distributed-Replicate.
I mounted it via fuse and did some test, it was ok.
However when I mounted it via nfs, a problem was found:
    When I copied 200G files to the glusterfs, the glusterfs process in the server node(mounted by client) was killed because of OOM, 
and all terminals of the client were hung. Trying to test for many times, I got the same result. The heavier load I pushed via the
client, the faster glusterfs process been killed. I run "top" in the server, found that the glusterfs process eat MEM very fast,  and 
never gone down until it was killed. I think it is a bug of glusterfs process, it leak memory.
I google "glusterfs OOM" but can not find any solutions. Is anyone know about this problem and give me some tips? Many thanks!

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