[Gluster-users] GlusterFS with CTDB setup - need of a event script?

Sam Wouters sam at ericom.be
Fri Mar 22 15:10:55 UTC 2013


I'm setting up a GlusterFS replicated cluster with CTDB and build-in 
glusterfs nfs export on CentOS 6.4 hosts following the documentation.
Everything works fine, but I have a question about the setup:

As there is currently no event script in ctdb for monitoring the gluster 
status, a node will not become unhealthy if for some reason the glusterd 
nfs export is unavailable.
As such, the public ip stays at a node even when it's not serving the 
gluster volume or when it's not in sync.

Does anybody already had a go at an ctdb event script for monitoring the 
gluster vol status on the host?


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