[Gluster-users] quotas not being enforced?

Matthew Nicholson matthew_nicholson at harvard.edu
Mon Mar 11 13:43:57 UTC 2013

So, running a dist-replica 5x2 volume, quotas are on:

features.quota: on

however, I've got a few areas where users have gone right over there
quota like it wasn't there at all:

root at sum1-gstore01 Lukin_Lab]# gluster volume quota gstore list
        path              limit_set          size
/Labs/Lab2          15TB               15.1TB
/Labs/Lab1         20TB               31.1TB

Any idea where to start with this? is there a re-calc that can be
fired off or a crawl? I badly need to limit these directories.

Matthew Nicholson
Research Computing Specialist
Harvard FAS Research Computing
matthew_nicholson at harvard.edu

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