[Gluster-users] What will 3.5 look like?

John Mark Walker johnmark at redhat.com
Wed Mar 6 07:05:56 UTC 2013

I realize that we haven't released 3.4 yet, but we're quickly approaching a new release cycle that will ultimately produce GlusterFS 3.5.

The Gluster Dev Summit starts tomorrow, and one of the things we'll discuss is the new roadmap. What we should all do is take a look at what is on the table, discuss which should take priority, and vote on your favorites. 

See the very early list of proposed features here:

If you want to submit new features, please use this template:

- save as a new wiki page and then link to it from the planning page, above

To see what we did for 3.4, see these pages:

I've added space on the Planning35 page for new feature submissions and discussions on proposed features. 

If one of the features you'd like to propose is not for the software itself, but rather for infrastructure pieces, ie. website, documentation, dev process, etc., those are also welcome. 

We will look to stream and record the dev summit sessions, so look for links here and on the blog soon!

-John Mark
Gluster Community Lead

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