[Gluster-users] Separate replication/self-healing and access traffic

Sven Knohsalla s.knohsalla at netbiscuits.com
Fri Jun 7 18:08:38 UTC 2013


just read the official documentation and googled for separation of storage replication /self-healing networking & storage-access network via NFS/GlusterFS-client,
but I couldn't find a clear answer.

Is it possible to separate replication & access network with the options

option transport.socket.bind-address

option auth.addr.brick.allow


If so, is it possible to run native glusterFS or do I have to use NFS for storage access and  first option to allow server-side replication?

Is there any issues I may run into or I didn't pay attention at this point?

We have two storage Servers with 8 GBit NICs, so my plan was to bond 4 NICs via balance-rr (better for 1:1)  for bind address,
and bond 4 NICs via LACP (better for 1-n) .
Usage: RHEV Storage Server

I really appreciate your feedback here!

Thanks in advance.

Best, Sven.

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