[Gluster-users] GlusterFS (3.3.1) - performance issues - large number of LOOKUP calls & high CPU usage

Pablo paa.listas at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 13:39:21 UTC 2013

I have never try this (In fact I'm just learning a bit more how to 
administer a Gluster server.), buy you may find it useful.



El 06/06/2013 09:23 a.m., Charles Cooke escribió:
> Hello,
> As a followup for anyone experiencing similar issues - switching to an 
> NFS mount from a Gluster Native resolved the issue.
> The giveaway was the large number of context switches happening in the 
> kernel during some heavy operations (vmstat or dstat) - neither the 
> I/O, network interface, or CPU was the bottleneck - but the context 
> switching was causing significant impact on the performance of our 
> Java application.
> The application has a large volume of writes on many small files, 
> which is not ideal for the FUSE client.  Switching to NFS brought the 
> times down an order of magnitude.

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