[Gluster-users] Initiating and Monitoring Heal Process

Joel Young jdy at cryregarder.com
Wed Jul 31 22:24:54 UTC 2013

Using gluster 3.4.0, how do I monitor the heal status for a volume?

In the gluster cli, I type:

"volume heal home info" and it returns nothing, just bringing up the
"gluster>" prompt after waiting a while.  Does this mean that the system
thinks nothing is wrong?

If I type "volume heal home", again the system waits a while and
output nothing, returning to the "gluster>" prompt.  Should this
output something?

Repeating the "volume heal home info" returns nothing if run again
after the above.

volume status report "There are no active volume tasks".

Shouldn't the above commands output something?  Even if the something is
"Volume is completely healthy no files have been or need healing"?

Are there good docs on this somewhere?



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