[Gluster-users] uWSGI plugin and some question

Roberto De Ioris roberto at unbit.it
Mon Jul 29 15:36:33 UTC 2013

Hi everyone, i have just committed a plugin for the uWSGI application server
for exposing glusterfs filesystems using the new native api:


Currently it is very simple, but works really well.

I have studied the whole api, and i have two questions:

why there is no glfs_stat_async() ?

if i understand the code well, even stat() is a blocking operation.

My objective is avoiding the use of threads and processes and use the
uWSGI async api to implement a non blocking-approach (mixable with other
engines like gevent or Coro::AnyEvent)

Another thing is the bison/yacc nameclash. uWSGI allows you to load
various external libraries and the use of the default 'yy' prefix causes
nameclashes with common libraries (like matheval).

I understand that matheval too should choose a better approach, but why
not prefixing it like glusterfsyy ? This would avoid headaches, even for
when people will start using the library in higher level languages.

Currently i have tried the YFLAGS env var hack for ./configure but it did
not work (i am using bison)

YFLAGS="-Dapi.prefix=glusterfsyy -d" ./configure --prefix=/opt/glusterfs/

Thanks a lot for your attention

Roberto De Ioris

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