[Gluster-users] One node goes offline, the other node can't see the replicated volume anymore

John Mark Walker johnmark at gluster.org
Thu Jul 11 15:44:23 UTC 2013

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> This is unhelpful and trolling. Please refrain from this behavior.
Er, not so fast :) 

If bad things happen to our users, I want to create the kind of environment where they feel like they can discuss it openly. Things happen, and we need to know about it. 

The time to crack down would be if someone posts stuff that is off-topic or continuously rants without acknowledging current efforts. Look, he said it didn't work for him and he's evaluating other things - I don't have a problem with that. 

I ask only two things in this area: 

1. if future versions attempt to solve your specific issues that you acknowledge the effort and give it a try. 
2. once you've said your piece, ie. "this doesn't work for me" and you decide to leave for other pastures, please don't continue to post stuff here that reflects on old releases and out-of-date information. 

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