[Gluster-users] Issue in the syncing operation for the same file on two nodes

Rahul51 S rahul51.s at tcs.com
Thu Feb 28 11:52:54 UTC 2013

Hi All,

Below are the sequence of steps taken by me produce the issue

1) I created a file named DEMO of size 10K on one of the replicate gluster 
volume on SERVER 1 and it got replicated on the other gluster volume of 
SERVER 2 as usual.
2) After this, I unmounted the brick of SERVER 2 and stopped the glusterd 
service on SERVER 2.
3) I then filled the DEMO file to the size of 2M on the SERVER 1.
4) I mounted the brick and started the glusterd on SERVER 2.

I found that the DEMO file is still 10K in SERVER 2 and 2M in SERVER1 and 
it never got synced. 
It is only after I opened the DEMO file and closed it, the file got synced 
on both the servers. 
Ideally the DEMO file should sync when the glusterd service was started. 
But, this seems to be not happening. 
Could you please shed some light on this. 

Rahul Shrivastava
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