[Gluster-users] MapReduce on glusterfs in Hadoop

Nikhil Agarwal nikagar17 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 08:17:25 UTC 2013

Hi All,

Thanks a lot for taking out your time to answer my question.

I am trying to implement a file system in hadoop under irg.apache.hadoop.fs
package something similar to KFS, glusterfs, etc. I wanted to know is that
in README.txt of glusterfs it is mentioned :

>> # ./bin/start-mapred.sh

  If the map/reduce job/task trackers are up, all I/O will be done to

So, suppose my input files are scattered in different nodes(glusterfs
servers), how do I(hadoop client having glusterfs plugged in) issue a
Mapreduce command?

Moreover, after issuing a Mapreduce command would my hadoop client fetch
all the data from different servers to my local machine and then do a
Mapreduce or would it start the TaskTracker daemons on the machine(s) where
the input file(s) are located and perform a Mapreduce there?

Please rectify me if I am wrong but I suppose that the location of input
files top Mapreduce is being returned by the function *getFileBlockLocations
* *(*FileStatus file*,* *long* start*,* *long* len*). *

Thank you very much for your time and helping me out.


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