[Gluster-users] Gluster Issues with ISCSI backend

Tom Bean tom.bean at changingworkplace.com
Fri Feb 15 22:25:58 UTC 2013

Hi All,


I have the following setup:


-       2x CentOS 6.3 servers with Gluster 3.2

-       I then have a MD3200i which has volumes mounted to both gluster
servers using iSCSI to give additional space.

-       The gluster server is then mounted as a primary SR to my Xen pool
and is used for hosting VHD's.


I am getting fantastic performance from this setup, however recently I have
started to face a few issues. Twice recently I have been created a new VM
using a template, which involves creating a new file on the gluster nfs
share. When this happens, a few of my servers in the Xen Pool loose
connection to the gluster share and are unable to read/write the heart beat
file which is stored on the share. When this happens, the Xen servers fence
(which basically means they shut themselves down, including any VM's running
on them).


Does anyone know if there is a reason why this might happen? Does Gluster
ever put a file lock on everything/anything in the directory, especially
during times of heavy write?


There is no geo-replication currently running on this setup.


Thanks for any input.


Tom Bean


Infrastructure & Support Analyst


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