[Gluster-users] Gluster - data migration.

Rafał Radecki radecki.rafal at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 13:57:58 UTC 2013

Hi All.

I have two servers ("master" and "slave") with a replicated gluster
volume. Recently I've had a problem with slave and gluster does not
work on it now.
So I would like to:
- stop and remove current volume on master (on slave it is not accessible);
- stop gluster software on master (already stopped on slave);
- remove gluster software on master and slave (previous administrator
used own built rpms, I would like to use
- clean old information:
setfattr -x trusted.glusterfs.volume-id /gluster
setfattr -x trusted.gfid /gluster
rm -rf /gluster/.glusterfs
- rsync data from master to slave;
- start gluster and create a volume with data in rsynced /gluster directory.
Are there any pitfalls I should know about?

Best regards,
Rafal Radecki.

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