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Jonathan Horne jhorne at skopos.us
Wed Feb 6 01:30:50 UTC 2013


I have a 2 node glusterfs, with 2 clients connecting.  brick0 is shared out, and when the clients try to write to it, say my example I've been running is that I wget a .iso file from my server, and it writes at about 39MB/s.  the same 2 client servers when I download the same .iso file to its local storage (which is actually on the same SAN raid group as where both gluster file systems live), and the clients can write to their own file systems at 110MB/s.  (i.e.… so its not the SAN).

Is this the type of performance I should expect from gluster, or is there some tuning I can do to increase the read writes?

Today when we tested our intended configuration for our new production servers, the 2 clients store their /var/www/html as as single folder that is on the glusterfs.  But when you log in and try to access the web pages, they login and open from page to page unacceptably slow.

If there is some tuning I can do to squeeze some better performance out of this, id love some advice or tips.


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