[Gluster-users] high CPU load on all bricks

Robert Hajime Lanning lanning at lanning.cc
Fri Feb 1 21:48:26 UTC 2013

On 02/01/13 12:46, Michael Colonno wrote:
> Gluster gurus ~
> I’ve deployed and 8-brick (2x replicate) Gluster 3.3.1 volume on CentOS
> 6.3 with tcp transport. I was able to build, start, mount, and use the
> volume. On each system contributing a brick, however, my CPU usage
> (glusterfsd) is hovering around 20% (virtually zero memory usage
> thankfully). These are brand new, fairly beefy servers so 20% CPU load
> is quite a bit. The deployment is pretty plain with each brick mounting
> the volume to itself via a glusterfs mount. I assume this type of CPU
> usage is atypically high; is there anything I can do to investigate
> what’s soaking up CPU and minimize it? Total usable volume size is only
> about 22 TB (about 45 TB total with 2x replicate).

Where are you reading the 20% from?

If it is from the per process line in top, then that 20% is of a single 
core/hyperthread.  It is not of the whole system.

If you have an otherwise quiescent server and the "Cpu(s)" summary line 
at the top says 20%us, then you can extrapolate to under 20% of the 
total system.

Mr. Flibble
King of the Potato People

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