[Gluster-users] Unexpected gluster volume owner change during snapshot operation

Xiao Bin XB Zhang xbinzh at cn.ibm.com
Mon Dec 23 13:32:16 UTC 2013


does any one met such unexpected behavior of glusterFS?

We have gluster mounted and serve as OpenStack glance volume, the owner is,
say, glace:glance

however we did some instance snapshot, and then found that the volume owner
changed to root:root

several ones saw this strage behavior and we still don't know what's the

does any one has clue on what might be wrong?


Xiaobin Zhang(张小斌)
Cloud Solutions and OpenStack Development
IBM China System and Technology Lab, Beijing
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         No.8 Dong Bei Wang West Road, Haidian District Beijing P.R.China
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