[Gluster-users] Passing noforget option to glusterfs native client mounts

Chalcogen chalcogen_eg_oxygen at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 18 20:10:29 UTC 2013

P.s. I think I need to clarify this:

I am only reading from the mounts, and not modifying anything on the 
server. and so the commonest causes on stale file handles do not appy.


On Thursday 19 December 2013 01:16 AM, Chalcogen wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> A few months back I joined a project where people want to replace 
> their legacy fuse-based (twin-server) replicated file-system with 
> GlusterFS. They also have a high-availability NFS server code tagged 
> with the kernel NFSD that they would wish to retain (the 
> nfs-kernel-server, I mean). The reason they wish to retain the kernel 
> NFS and not use the NFS server that comes with GlusterFS is mainly 
> because there's this bit of code that allows NFS IP's to be migrated 
> from one host server to the other in the case that one happens to go 
> down, and tweaks on the export server configuration allow the 
> file-handles to remain identical on the new host server.
> The solution was to mount gluster volumes using the mount.glusterfs 
> native client program and then export the directories over the kernel 
> NFS server. This seems to work most of the time, but on rare 
> occasions, 'stale file handle' is reported off certain clients, which 
> really puts a damper over the 'high-availability' thing. After 
> suitably instrumenting the nfsd/fuse code in the kernel, it seems that 
> decoding of the file-handle fails on the server because the inode 
> record corresponding to the nodeid in the handle cannot be looked up. 
> Combining this with the fact that a second attempt by the client to 
> execute lookup on the same file passes, one might suspect that the 
> problem is identical to what many people attempting to export fuse 
> mounts over the kernel's NFS server are facing; viz, fuse 'forgets' 
> the inode records thereby causing ilookup5() to fail. Miklos and other 
> fuse developers/hackers would point towards '-o noforget' while 
> mounting their fuse file-systems.
> I tried passing  '-o noforget' to mount.glusterfs, but it does not 
> seem to recognize it. Could somebody help me out with the correct 
> syntax to pass noforget to gluster volumes? Or, something we could 
> pass to glusterfs that would instruct fuse to allocate a bigger cache 
> for our inodes?
> Additionally, should you think that something else might be behind our 
> problems, please do let me know.
> Here's my configuration:
> Linux kernel version:
> GlusterFS versionn: 3.4.0
> nfs.disable option for volumes: OFF on all volumes
> Thanks a lot for your time!
> Anirban
> P.s. I found quite a few pages on the web that admonish users that 
> GlusterFS is not compatible with the kernel NFS server, but do not 
> really give much detail. Is this one of the reasons for saying so?

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