[Gluster-users] Problem adding brick (replica)

Saša Friedrich sasa.friedrich at bitlab.si
Wed Dec 18 14:38:39 UTC 2013


I have some trouble adding a brick to existing gluster volume.

When I try to (in CLI):

    gluster> volume add-brick data_domain replica 3

I get:

    volume add-brick: failed:

I probed the peer successfully, peer status returns:

    Hostname: gluster3.data
    Uuid: e694f552-636a-4cf3-a04f-997ec87a880c
    State: Peer in Cluster (Connected)

    Hostname: gluster2.data
    Port: 24007
    Uuid: 36922d4c-55f2-4cc6-85b9-a9541e5619a2
    State: Peer in Cluster (Connected)

Existing volume info:

    Volume Name: data_domain
    Type: Replicate
    Volume ID: ae096e7d-cf0c-46ed-863a-9ecc3e8ce288
    Status: Started
    Number of Bricks: 1 x 2 = 2
    Transport-type: tcp
    Brick1: gluster1.data:/glusterfs/data_domain
    Brick2: gluster3.data:/glusterfs/data_domain
    Options Reconfigured:
    storage.owner-gid: 36
    storage.owner-uid: 36
    server.allow-insecure: on
    network.remote-dio: enable
    cluster.eager-lock: enable
    performance.stat-prefetch: off
    performance.io-cache: off
    performance.read-ahead: off
    performance.quick-read: off

Only thing I found in log is:

    [2013-12-18 12:09:17.281310] W [cli-rl.c:106:cli_rl_process_line]
    0-glusterfs: failed to process line
    [2013-12-18 12:10:07.650267] I
    [cli-rpc-ops.c:332:gf_cli_list_friends_cbk] 0-cli: Received resp to
    list: 0

    [2013-12-18 12:12:38.887911] I
    [glusterd-brick-ops.c:370:__glusterd_handle_add_brick] 0-management:
    Received add brick req
    [2013-12-18 12:12:38.888064] I
    [glusterd-brick-ops.c:417:__glusterd_handle_add_brick] 0-management:
    replica-count is 3
    [2013-12-18 12:12:38.888124] I
    0-management: Changing the replica count of volume data_domain from
    2 to 3

I'm running some VM-s on this volume so I'd really like to avoid 
restarting glusterd service.
OS is FC19, kernel 3.11.10-200.fc19.x86_64, glusterfs.x86_64 3.4.1-1.fc19

tnx for help!
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