[Gluster-users] Project pre planning

Frank Kirschner frank at celebrate.de
Tue Dec 17 09:37:30 UTC 2013

Thanks Nux,

now I build up my first cluster for testing.

best regards

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On 17.12.2013 08:06, Frank Kirschner wrote:
> Hello GlusterFS users,


> can anybody give me please his opinion about the following facts and
> questions:
> 4 storage server with 16 SATA bays, connected by GigE:

My IMHO inline:

> Q1:
> Volume will be set up as distributed-replicated.
> Maildir, FTP Dir, htdocs, file store directory => as sub dir's in one 
> big GlusterVolume or each dir in it's own GlusterVolume?

I'd go for individual volumes, might give you extra flexibility in the
future and it's also better security to have stuff in different places.

> Q2: Set up the bricks as a collection of JBOD's or underlay it with a
> RAID-5
> array?

We use RAID6 in our setup, JBOD might give you better total throughput at
the cost of more hassle (replacing bricks). There was a similar thread
recently, check it out:

> Q3: A client mounted the GlusterFS from a nfs export of node 1. What 
> if the server is down - would be a set up with virtual IP triggered by 
> heartbeat a solution to provide one available fix IP for the clients?

You can use a VIP to export your NFS, we use keepalived, but in hindsight I
regret not knowing about CTDB at the time, it plays well with Samba.

> I have everytime two http-server, (FTP server, Mailserver, SMB Server) 
> which have mounted the GlusterFS by nfs.
> The clients are also controlled by heartbeat with a virtual IP which 
> will use the clients on the network:
> Gluster Node1 --+
>                 |
> Gluster Node2 --+      +-- http1 --+
>                 +------+           |--> Clients
> Gluster Node3 --+      +-- http2 --+
>                 |
> Gluster Node4 --+
> Will this work?

Looks good to me.

Good luck!

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